Landscape Design in Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado

This is a garden in Denver.

A Denver garden design.

This is Bryan Pulte’s personal residence on Polo Field Lane in Cherry Creek. Bryan is a renowned Denver interior designer, and I feel honored to have been chosen to design the landscape for his own home.

All of the usable surfaces for people in this garden are decks. It’s a series of cascading decks with wide double-tread steps. In this case we’re using a combination of a Trex synthetic wood surface and red flagstone, both with a reddish hue. It is a hexagonal pattern, with a hexagonal piece of red sandstone in the middle of the hexagonal deck section and then the border is also in sandstone, as shown below.

Hexagonal deck of Polo Field Lane landscape in Denver, Colorado

Hexagonal deck of Polo Field Lane landscape in Denver, Colorado

It’s a very small, intensely urban, very private garden, designed around and through preexisting large trees. We planted an incredible number of trees to make a veritable forest of river birch in this tiny garden, creating a glen. We also used a small, spring-like water feature with an unusual grey water-shaped moss rock. By cantilevering the paving out over the water, we’ve created sitting places right by the water. It forms a good size pool of water, where you can sit right by it.

This shows the water feature with cantilevered paving

This shows the water feature with cantilevered paving

We used ornamentally sculptural furniture, with some big pots both on the paving and in planting beds. We incorporated several kinds of Japanese Maples, including the fine cut-leaf Japanese Maple, and another type of larger growing Japanese maple which is also red-leafed. The picture above shows the triangulation of three different plants that have a reddish hue: one that is grass-like, the larger growing Japanese maple, and the cut-leaf Japanese maple, contrasted with blue spruce.

Since I have such respect for Bryan’s artistic sense and design expertise, it is especially gratifying that he has complimented my work with this quote:

Tom is a true master in his field;  he is an inspired artist.  There are many people who paint, but there are very few Rembrandts. Tom is one of them.  He and Paul (owner/contractor of Changing Landscapes) have created three extraordinary gardens for me.

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